Our Senior mentor, has been in the Technology Services Industry for over 25 years. Her vast experience includes manufacturing, medical and financial industries. In these industries she has had the opportunity to create and facilitate various training classes on a corporate-wide level.

Mentoring is different from training or consultation such that our mentor will guide you in a way that you will learn and grow from the experience. We will work with you to help build your understanding and foundation of technology so that you will be empowered to work with this new skill set on your own. We will be available for questions and direction to keep you on track.

There is always more to learn.

We will guide you and coach you in your technology experiences. There are many of us out there in the world today that did not grow up with a computer in our every day lives. We now have new ways to communicate with our families, play games, sell or buy items, read the newspaper, or research just about anything. There are even special web sites; for people over 50, for medical information and for our banking needs. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable navigating and understanding these areas so you are able to negotiate them on your own.

A mentor is a type of a friend that you hold in confidence and feel comfortable with your questions and ideas. Our professional staff will regard any confidential information as just that, confidential.

Contact us to make an appointment to talk about customizing your technology mentoring session.


Your Personal Technology Mentor is a Value-Added Provider (VAP). Our goal is to provide value-added services to individuals, small and mid-size businesses for; software installation, training, migrations; custom web development, hosting and support; consulting; business printing and production; and a host of other technology services.

Technology Concierge Services:

GoTo Meeting is availible for a remote session.

Work with someone that will show you how to fully utilize your computer, and the accessories you already have at your finger tips.

Do you need assistance with LinkedIN or FaceBook, Pinterest, or just setting up your Social Media. We are certified Internet Marketing specialists.

These are some of the services the Personal Technology Mentor can assist you wtih. We customize your time to fit your needs.

Individual, group and small business rates available.


We are a Technology Concierge Service.
Customization to fit Your needs.

Internet Marketing:

SEO , Social Media, Email Campaigns, Web Analysis, YouTube,

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest, YouTube...

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Web Site: hosting and design. Our creative side, MuddyPaws Creations, will build you a responsive web site. OR, rebuild your old website to update it for accessibility on mobile devices.

  • Mentoring & Training
  • Customized printing services for small business needs
  • Remote meeting capability
  • Individual, group and small business rates available


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